New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:48-8.33 - Issuance Of Notes Or Bonds For Authorized Facility In Eligible Municipality Or Revolving Fund By County Improvement Authority; Review And Approval By Local Finance Board; Filing; Conditions; Report On Tax Revenues

40:48-8.33. Issuance of notes or bonds for authorized facility in eligible municipality or revolving fund by county improvement authority; review and approval by local finance board; filing; conditions; report on tax revenues
(a) Prior to the adoption of any resolution of a county improvement authority authorizing the issuance of notes or bonds for an authorized facility located in an eligible municipality, or authorizing establishment of a revolving fund, and with respect to which an application for financing pursuant to the provisions of this act is to be made, an application for the proposed project financing shall be submitted to the Local Finance Board for review and approval of a single revolving fund payment, or of estimated annual payments on behalf of said project for all or a portion of its annual debt service covering principal and interest or of any required lease payments. The Local Finance Board shall, in connection with such review and approval, give consideration to the engineering and feasibility studies prepared in connection with the project financing and the terms and provisions of the proposed financing agreements or of any lease agreement including any reserve funds required by the resolution and security agreements, and the amounts of State revenues expected to be paid pursuant to the provisions of this act. In connection with its review, the Local Finance Board may consider any estimates, computations or calculations made in connection with such submission, may require the production of any papers, documents, witnesses or information to be made, any audit or investigation, and may take any action which it may determine advisable.

(b) The Local Finance Board shall approve the proposed revolving fund payment or the proposed project financing and annual payments from the fund or funds created herein if it finds that:

(1) The purposes to which the proposed payment or payments will be put are consistent with the purposes of a county improvement authority under the "county improvement authorities law," P.L.1960, c. 183 (C. 40:37A-44 et seq.), and with the purposes set forth in section 5 of P.L.1981, c. 461 (C. 40:48-8.30a);

(2) The current and projected revenues to the fund from which the payment or payments are to be drawn, are anticipated to be adequate to meet the requirements of the payment or payments under consideration, taken in conjunction with any prior payments from the fund approved by the Local Finance Board;

(3) In the case of any issue of notes or bonds to be guaranteed by a county or municipality, as provided in section 37 of P.L.1960, c. 183 (C. 40:37A-80), or to be provided with financial support by a county or municipality in some other fashion, the issuance of those notes or bonds will not materially impair the credit of the county or municipality providing the guarantee or other financial support, or substantially reduce its ability, during the ensuing 10 years, to pay punctually the principal and interest on its debts and supply essential public services and improvements.

(c) Any approval granted by the Local Finance Board shall be in writing and shall be filed with the secretary of the county improvement authority. Such approval may contain such conditions as the Local Finance Board may consider to be appropriate under the circumstances. Said approval shall include a statement of the principal amount of the bonds, or percentage thereof, for which payments will be made and the maturity schedule for such principal amount of bonds approved by said board, or the terms and provisions of the lease for which payments are to be made, as the case may be. The Local Finance Board, in considering such copy of the resolution or lease submitted to it and before endorsing its consent thereon may require the county improvement authority or the governing body of any eligible municipality served by such county improvement authority to adopt resolutions restricting or limiting any future proceedings therein or other matters or things deemed by the Local Finance Board to affect any estimate made or to be made by it in accordance with this section, and every such resolution so adopted shall constitute a valid and binding obligation of such county improvement authority or municipality, as the case may be, running to and enforceable by, and releasable by, the Local Finance Board.

(d) At the time of its initial application to the Local Finance Board under this section, and at least annually thereafter, the county improvement authority shall submit to the Local Finance Board a report, based on the best information available to the authority with regard to relevant tax revenues, and the economic trends underlying such revenues, as well as anticipated undertakings by the authority utilizing the funds provided under P.L.1947, c. 71 (C. 40:48-8.15 et seq.), containing projections of revenues to and expenditures from the luxury tax fund and development fund. Beginning one year after the initial report submitted under this section, each report shall also contain an assessment of the accuracy of the projections made in any previous report or reports.

L.1979, c. 273, s. 8, eff. Jan. 3, 1980. Amended by L.1981, c. 461, s. 6, eff. Jan. 8, 1982; L.1982, c. 113, s. 21, eff. Aug. 14, 1982.

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