New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:49-21 - Awards For Damages Readjusted; Ordinance Amended

40:49-21. Awards for damages readjusted; ordinance amended
At the time and place so stated, or at any adjourned meeting thereof, the governing body shall consider and adjudicate upon all objections filed in writing as hereinbefore in this article provided, and may proceed to correct, increase or diminish any award accordingly, without further or other notice to the person or persons interested, or if no corrections are made, or if the governing body shall then determine to make the improvement notwithstanding any objections to the same, it shall by resolution confirm the awards as certified to it or with corrections, if any, and give such ordinance a second reading or amend it, and thereupon pass or reject it with or without amendment.

Whenever any amendment shall be adopted, substantially altering the substance of the ordinance, the ordinance as so amended shall not be finally adopted until the amended ordinance, and the report and map theretofore submitted, shall be referred to the officer or board of the municipality charged with the duty of making assessments for local improvements, for the purpose of making any alteration or correction in the map or report as may be rendered necessary by reason of the amendment. Such officer or board and the governing body shall proceed in all respects, on the amended ordinance being referred, as is herein in this article provided for him or them in the case of a new or original ordinance.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016