New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:50-14 - Water Supply And Sewerage Contracts; Abrogation By Ordinance

40:50-14. Water supply and sewerage contracts; abrogation by ordinance
Whenever any municipality has heretofore or shall have hereafter entered into a contract for a supply of water for the public and private uses of the municipality and its inhabitants and for the purchase of a sewer system, or for either, or both, and such contract or contracts have been or shall be partially performed, the governing body of the municipality, by ordinance, may determine that it is for the best interests of the municipality to abrogate such contract or contracts with the consent of the other contracting party or parties upon such terms and conditions as the contracting parties shall agree upon. Any such ordinance shall set forth the terms and conditions upon and under which the said contract or contracts shall be abrogated and shall authorize the appropriate officers of the municipality to enter into such contract or contracts on behalf of the municipality with the other contracting party or parties. Upon the making of a new such contract or contracts, the governing body of a municipality is authorized to take any and all such action as may be required to carry out the terms and conditions of the contract or contracts and to fully effectuate the purposes of such contract or contracts. Such action, as herein authorized, shall include, but without limitation, the right to make, execute and deliver, on the part of the municipality, a deed or deeds of conveyance of any property theretofore conveyed to the municipality pursuant to the contract or contracts to be abrogated so as to accomplish and effect the reconveyance of the property or properties to the party or parties from whom they were received and also subject to the approval of the Division of Local Government in the Treasury Department to make such changes in the municipal budget for the then current year and for the succeeding years as may be required by reason of the abrogation of any such contract or contracts. A copy of any such ordinance and of any such contract entered into pursuant to any such ordinance, attested by the municipal clerk, shall be filed with the said Division of Local Government in the Department of the Treasury.

L.1956, c. 168, p. 661, s. 1.

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