New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:54-29.22 - Discontinuance Of Participation In Joint Library; Notice; Joint Meeting Of Governing Bodies

40:54-29.22. Discontinuance of participation in joint library; notice; joint meeting of governing bodies
If the governing body of any municipality shall determine by ordinance to propose to discontinue its participation in the support, maintenance and control of the joint free public library, it shall give notice thereof to the governing body of each of the other participating municipalities and to the board of trustees. The said governing bodies and board of trustees shall hold a joint meeting as soon as practicable for the purpose of arriving at an agreement as to the method of such discontinuance, the use of the library facilities thereafter, the adjustment, apportionment, accounting for, settlement, allowance and satisfaction of the rights and liabilities in or with respect to any property, obligations or other matters or things connected with said library, and such other matters and things in connection therewith as such governing bodies shall determine. If said governing bodies shall be unable to agree, the matter shall be referred to the Director of the Division of Local Government for determination.

L.1959, c. 155, p. 624, s. 20, eff. Sept. 4, 1959.

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