New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:54a-11 - Annual Report Of Authority; Rights And Powers Of Municipality; Appropriations; Use Of Funds; Budget; Record Of Accounts

40:54A-11. Annual report of authority; rights and powers of municipality; appropriations; use of funds; budget; record of accounts
Each authority shall make an annual report to the municipality by which it has been created, setting forth in detail its operations and transactions for the preceding 12 months.

The creation of an authority by a municipality shall not be deemed to limit in any manner the municipality's right to deal with its lands, or to sell or lease the same, independently of such authority, as heretofore, but the powers conferred upon such municipality and authority by this chapter shall be in addition to any rights or powers now possessed by such municipality with reference to its lands or other properties.

The governing body of such municipality creating an authority under this chapter may appropriate annually, during the life of its authority, such sums as may be reasonably necessary to conduct the normal operations of the authority, but no moneys so appropriated shall be used by an authority for the construction of any building or to finance such construction. The authority shall annually present to the chief financial officer of the municipality its budget for operations for the ensuing year, reflecting therein all unexpended balances on hand from previous appropriations received from the municipality, at the same time and in the same manner and form as is required by several departments of the municipality's government, and the budget so submitted shall be acted upon as in the case of the budgets of such several municipal departments, and, being so acted upon, shall be made a part of the municipality's budget. Each authority shall keep complete and accurate records of its accounts, and separate accounts shall be kept for its normal functions. No authority shall exceed its budget, and moneys received from the municipality by which it has been created shall be expended only for the purposes for which they have been appropriated.

L.1964, c. 103, s. 11, eff. May 29, 1964.

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