New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:55b-8 - Purposes, Functions, And Additional Powers

40:55B-8. Purposes, functions, and additional powers
Every commission created under this chapter shall constitute the corporate instrumentality of the municipality, by which it is created, for the following purposes:

a. To inquire into, survey and publicize the extent, advantages and utility of the vacant lands of such municipality, whether municipally owned or otherwise.

b. To classify such vacant lands according to their adaptability for the settlement thereon of various types of industrial enterprises.

c. To study and analyze the various industries of the nation and, to the extent it deems necessary for its purposes, the industries of other nations, with a view to ascertaining the opportunities for the industrial expansion of the municipality. In this connection the reports, records, statistics, compenda and similar documents of existing federal, state, county, municipal and other governmental and public agencies, as well as of responsible private institutions, boards, agencies and similar bodies interested in the compilation of the information relating to industry, shall be resorted to, wherever possible, in order to avoid unnecessary original research and gathering of source material.

d. To advertise the industrial advantages and opportunities of its municipality and the availability of real estate within the municipality for industrial settlement and to encourage and accomplish such industrial settlement within the municipality.

e. To solicit the several industries to purchase or lease the vacant lands and property of or in the municipality.

f. To accomplish the sale or lease of the municipality's vacant lands to industries whose settlement thereon is best calculated, in the judgment of the commission, to advance the interests of the municipality and of its citizens and inhabitants.

g. To acquire title to vacant land owned by the municipality for the purpose of resale or lease to industries whose presence within the municipality will benefit in the judgment of the commission, its citizens and inhabitants.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016