New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:55d-147 - Issuance Of Instruments, Adoption Of Procedures Relative To Land Use.

40:55D-147 Issuance of instruments, adoption of procedures relative to land use.

11. a. A development transfer ordinance shall provide for the issuance of such instruments as may be necessary and the adoption of procedures for recording the permitted use of the land at the time of the recording, the separation of the development potential from the land, and the recording of the allowable residual use of the land upon separation of the development potential.

b.A development transfer ordinance shall specifically provide that upon the transfer of development potential from a sending zone, the owner of the property from which the development potential has been transferred shall cause a statement containing the conditions of the transfer and the terms of the restrictions of the use and development of the land to be attached to and recorded with the deed of the land in the same manner as the deed was originally recorded. These restrictions and conditions shall state that any development inconsistent therewith is expressly prohibited, shall run with the land, and shall be binding upon the landowner and every successor in interest thereto.

c.The restrictions shall be expressly enforceable by the municipality and the county in which the property is located, any interested party, and the State of New Jersey.

d.All development potential transfers shall be recorded in the manner of a deed in the book of deeds in the office of the county clerk or county register of deeds and mortgages, as appropriate. This recording shall specify the lot and block number of the parcel in the sending zone from which the development potential was transferred and the lot and block number of the parcel in the receiving zone to which the development potential was transferred.

e.All development potential transfers also shall be recorded with the State Transfer of Development Rights Bank in the Development Potential Transfer Registry as required pursuant to section 5 of P.L.1993, c.339 (C.4:1C-53).


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Last modified: October 11, 2016