New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:55d-61 - Time Periods

40:55D-61. Time periods
Whenever an application for approval of a subdivision plat, site plan or conditional use includes a request for relief pursuant to section 47 of this act, the planning board shall grant or deny approval of the application within 120 days after submission by a developer of a complete application to the administrative officer or within such further time as may be consented to by the applicant. In the event that the developer elects to submit separate consecutive applications, the aforesaid provision shall apply to the application for approval of the variance or direction for issuance of a permit. The period for granting or denying and subsequent approval shall be as otherwise provided in this act. Failure of the planning board to act within the period prescribed shall constitute approval of the application and a certificate of the administrative officer as to the failure of the planning board to act shall be issued on request of the applicant, and it shall be sufficient in lieu of the written endorsement or other evidence of approval herein required, and shall be so accepted by the county recording officer for purposes of filing subdivision plats.

Whenever review or approval of the application by the county planning board is required by section 5 of P.L.1968, c. 285 (C. 40:27-6.3), in the case of a subdivision, or section 8 of P.L.1968, c. 285 (C. 40:27-6.6), in the case of a site plan, the municipal planning board shall condition any approval that it grants upon timely receipt of a favorable report on the application by the county planning board or approval by the county planning board by its failure to report thereon within the required time period.

L.1975, c. 291, s. 48, eff. Aug. 1, 1976. Amended by L.1979, c. 216, s. 20; L.1984, c. 20, s. 11, eff. March 22, 1984.

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