New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:55d-95 - Storm Water Management Plan, Ordinance; Requirements.

40:55D-95 Storm water management plan, ordinance; requirements.

3.A storm water management plan and a storm water management ordinance or ordinances shall conform to all relevant federal and State statutes, rules and regulations concerning storm water management or flood control and shall be designed: a. to reduce flood damage, including damage to life and property; b. to minimize storm water runoff from any new land development where such runoff will increase flood damage; c. to reduce soil erosion from any development or construction project; d. to assure the adequacy of existing and proposed culverts and bridges; e. to induce water recharge into the ground where practical; f. to prevent, to the greatest extent feasible, an increase in nonpoint pollution; g. to maintain the integrity of stream channels for their biological functions, as well as for drainage; and h. to minimize public safety hazards at any storm water detention facilities constructed as part of a subdivision or pursuant to a site plan. A storm water management plan shall also include such structural changes and such additional nonstructural measures and practices as may be necessary to manage storm water. A storm water management plan and a storm water management ordinance or ordinances shall not be construed to prohibit solar panels to be constructed and installed on a site. Solar panels shall not be included in any calculation of impervious surface or impervious cover.

For purposes of this act:

"Nonpoint pollution" means pollution from any source other than from any discernible, confined and discrete conveyance, and shall include, but not be limited to, pollutants from agricultural, silvicultural, mining, construction, subsurface disposal and urban runoff sources.

"Solar panel" means an elevated panel or plate, or a canopy or array thereof, that captures and converts solar radiation to produce power, and includes flat plate, focusing solar collectors, or photovoltaic solar cells and excludes the base or foundation of the panel, plate, canopy, or array.

L.1981, c.32, s.3; amended 1991, c.194, s.1; 2010, c.4, s.10.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016