New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:56-79 - Advisory Board; Members; Duties; District Management Corporation

40:56-79. Advisory board; members; duties; district management corporation
The mayor or other chief executive officer of the municipality may create and appoint an advisory board, consisting of seven or more persons, at least a majority of whom shall be owners or occupants of properties adjoining a pedestrian mall or included in a special improvement district, as the case may be, or representatives of these owners or occupants, to advise the governing body in connection with the acquisition, construction and improvement of a pedestrian mall, or the acquisition and construction of improvements for a special improvement district, as the case may be, the making of a plan therefor and the operation and maintenance thereof and to meet and furnish recommendations or comments and requests of members of the public and of owners and occupants of property adjoining the pedestrian mall or included in the district, as the case may be. Upon designation of a district management corporation, in the case of a special improvement district, the corporation shall exercise the functions of an advisory board, and any other advisory board shall cease to function.

L.1972, c. 134, s. 15, eff. Aug. 17, 1972. Amended by L.1984, c. 151, s. 15, eff. Sept. 10, 1984.

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