New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:60-25.24 - Terms And Conditions Of Leases Or Sales Of Plants; Approval Of Contracts

40:60-25.24. Terms and conditions of leases or sales of plants; approval of contracts
The commission may from time to time negotiate the terms, covenants, provisions and conditions of leases or sales, which sales may be in part for cash and in part on purchase money bond and mortgage, of a portion or portions of the property, and in so doing, the commission in addition to taking into consideration the rental or price, as the case may be, may also consider the following elements: (1) the undesirability of unduly disturbing the occupancy of tenants; (2) the extent to which lessees or purchasers may be willing to commit themselves to making improvements on property to be leased or purchased; (3) the effect on employment in the municipality; (4) the knowledge, experience and skill in industrial operations of such lessees or purchasers; (5) any other factors which will encourage the growth of industry in the municipality and discourage speculative buying and selling of said property; provided, that the commission shall not have the power to sell or lease property that is used or is susceptible of use for supplying and furnishing a utility service, such as water power, or electric light and power.

Upon the completion of any such negotiation, the commission shall submit to the governing body the proposed contract of lease or sale by filing the same with the clerk of such governing body. Such contract shall thereupon be subject to disapproval by such governing body, but if not so disapproved by a resolution within a period of twenty days after such filing, such contract shall thereupon be executed by the proper executive officers of the municipality, and upon such execution, notwithstanding the provisions of any other law, shall be valid and binding upon the municipality, according to its terms, covenants, provisions and conditions, and all deeds, leases and other formal instruments of the municipality affecting said property, when duly authorized, shall be executed by such executive officers.

L.1946, c. 245, p. 865, s. 7.

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