New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:60-51.8 - Burial Grounds For Indigents; Removal And Reinterment Of Bodies; Sale Of Land

40:60-51.8. Burial grounds for indigents; removal and reinterment of bodies; sale of land
Whenever a municipality owns lands which have been used for the burial of indigents but have not been used for such purposes for 20 or more years, the governing body of the municipality may, by resolution, determine that it is for the best interests of the municipality to cause the removal and reinterment of the bodies interred therein to a more suitable place. In the event of any such determination, the governing body of the municipality may, by resolution, provide for the disinterment and reinterment of the said bodies and after the removal of the said bodies if the governing body of the municipality shall, by resolution, determine that the lands from which the bodies have been so removed are not needed for public use may sell the same as in the case of other lands not needed for public use.

Prior to the adoption of the resolution a public hearing thereon shall be held before the governing body which shall be noticed by advertisement published once each week for 2 weeks in a newspaper published or circulating in the municipality. The notice shall contain a description of the lands involved and of the action proposed by the resolution.

L.1963, c. 127, s. 1, eff. July 3, 1963.

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