New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:62-105.14 - Ballots, Specifications

40:62-105.14. Ballots, specifications
14. Each ballot shall have at the top thereof a coupon at least one inch deep extending across the ballot above a perforated line. The coupons shall be numbered consecutively from one to the number of ballots prepared for use in such election. Upon the coupon and above the perforated line shall be the words "To be torn off by the judge of election" and "Fold to this line." Below the perforated line shall be printed the words "Water district election ballot," below which and extending across the ballot in one or more lines shall be the corporate name of the water district, the date of the election, and if the district be divided into two or more polling places the number, name or other mark or designation to distinguish the said polling place, and the printed facsimile signature of the clerk of the board of water commissioners. The heading shall be set apart from the body of the ballot by a heavy diagram rule. Below this rule shall be printed the following directions instructing the voter how to indicate his choice for the person for whom he may desire to vote and stating the maximum number of candidates he may vote for: "To vote for any person whose name appears on this ballot mark a cross (x), plus (+) or check ( ) mark with ink or pencil in the place or square at the left of the name of such person." Below these instructions shall be printed a heavy diagram rule below which shall be printed such directions to the voter as may be necessary as "Vote for one," or "Vote for two," or a greater number as the case may be, immediately after which shall be printed the names of the candidates duly nominated by petition. The names of the candidates shall be printed as they appear signed to the certificate of acceptance, but no candidate who shall have failed to file a certificate of acceptance shall have his name printed upon the ballot. The same size and style of type shall be used in printing the name of each candidate; but between the names of the candidates shall be printed a heavy diagram rule and the space between each of the rules shall be exactly equal. Immediately after the space allotted to the names of candidates there shall be as many ruled blank spaces as there are members to be voted for. Immediately to the left and on the same line with the name of each candidate and blank space there shall be printed a square the same size of type in which the name of the candidate is printed, which type shall, in no case, be larger than twenty-four point.

L.1951,c.280,s.14; amended 1994,c.77,s.17.

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