New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:62-105.29 - Meeting To Determine Amount To Be Raised; Notice

40:62-105.29. Meeting to determine amount to be raised; notice
If the water commissioners in any water district shall deem it expedient, they may call said special meeting, whereof ten days' notice shall be given by the commissioners, or a majority thereof, by posting notices setting forth the time, place and object of the meeting in five of the most public places in the district. At said time and place the legal voters or a majority present and voting shall elect a chairman and clerk of the meeting and determine the amount to be raised for acquiring the necessary appurtenances for the supply of water, not exceeding the sum of five mills on the dollar of the last assessed valuation of property in the district.

L.1951, c. 280, p. 963, s. 29, eff. June 25, 1951.

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