New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:62-133.2 - Commission Empowered To Issue Bonds

40:62-133.2. Commission empowered to issue bonds
For the purpose of raising funds to pay the cost of any part of its waterworks, including the cost of enlarging, extending or improving the same, or for the purpose of funding or refunding any bonds including bonds or other obligations issued by any municipality represented by the commission in connection with the acquisition of waterworks, and any extensions thereto and enlargements thereof, a commission shall have power to authorize or provide for the issuance of bonds pursuant to this amendatory and supplementary act. In order to approve an action concerning bonds, the commission shall, by five members voting in the affirmative, adopt a resolution, sometimes referred to in this amendatory and supplementary act as a "bond resolution;" provided, however, that all of the municipalities which constitute the commission shall be represented among the members voting in the affirmative. The bond resolution shall:

a. Describe in brief and general terms sufficient for reasonable identification the waterworks or part thereof, sometimes referred to in this amendatory and supplementary act as a "project," to be constructed, acquired, enlarged, extended, or improved or describe the bonds which are to be funded or refunded, if any;

b. State the cost or estimated cost of the project, if any; and

c. Provide for the issuance of the bonds in accordance with section 4 of this amendatory and supplementary act.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016