New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:62-134 - Sale Of Surplus Water; Laying Of Pipes; Consent Required

40:62-134. Sale of surplus water; laying of pipes; consent required
The commission or its successor may sell any surplus water not needed to supply the municipalities represented by it to any consumer or to any private water company in this State supplying water to consumers, or any municipality outside of the municipalities represented by the commission, as provided by contracts with the water company which the commission took over as part of the property condemned, and outside of any territory supplied in whole or in part by the water company at the time of taking over the water works. It may also lay, construct and maintain such pipe lines and mains as may be necessary for such purpose in any public highway or place, or acquire by purchase or condemnation any private lands or rights in lands for that purpose. The consent of the public body charged with the repair and maintenance of any public highway or place shall first be obtained, or if such board or body shall refuse such consent, then in such place and in such manner as the Board of Public Utility Commissioners after hearing may fix and determine. The consent also of the governing body of the municipality in which such customers are to be supplied with water shall be first obtained.

Amended by L.1949, c. 160, p. 543, s. 1, eff. May 19, 1949.

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