New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:63-103 - Change Of Grade Of Streets In Other Municipalities; Regulation Of Work; Restoration Of Pavements

40:63-103. Change of grade of streets in other municipalities; regulation of work; restoration of pavements
Such jointly contracting municipalities may, in the course of constructing such improvements or works and with the consent of the body or board having control of the streets or highways of such municipality, change or alter the location or grade of any street or highway in any municipality crossed or intercepted by such sewers or appurtenances, and may in general do all other acts and things necessary, convenient and proper in connection with the construction of such improvement or works.

The laying of all sewers in the streets and highways and public places of any such other municipality, and the cleaning, repairing or replacement of the same shall be done under such reasonable regulations if any, as may be imposed by such other municipality with respect to similar work done by itself therein, and all streets, highways and other public places used by such jointly contracting municipalities shall be restored to their original condition as far as may be, at the expense of the jointly contracting municipalities for whose benefit the work is done.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016