New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:64-9 - Planting And Removal Of Trees; Notice And Hearing; Emergencies

40:64-9. Planting and removal of trees; notice and hearing; emergencies
In every case where the property of an abutting owner will be chargeable with the cost of the planting of any shade tree or trees the commission shall give notice of the meeting at which it is proposed to consider said planting by publishing the notice at least once, not less than twenty days before the meeting, in a newspaper circulating in the municipality, or by personal service of a copy of the notice upon the abutting owner at least ten days before the meeting. The notice shall specify the street, streets, or portions thereof, on which such planting is proposed and require all persons who may object thereto to present their objections in writing at the office of the commission at or before the meeting. Before final action shall be taken all objections so filed shall be considered. The commission shall give reasonable notice of its intention to remove, or cause the removal of, a tree, or part of a tree, dangerous to public safety, unless public safety requires immediate removal, in which case no notice shall be necessary.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016