New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:65-13 - Sidewalks On Land Under Control Of County; Cost; Assessments And Collection

40:65-13. Sidewalks on land under control of county; cost; assessments and collection
The governing body may improve any street, parkway, or highway under control of any county board or commission, not wholly within the limits of a county park, with suitable curbing, gutters and sidewalks, after obtaining the approval of the county board or commission to the plans of the proposed improvement, and assess the cost thereof upon the real estate abutting upon the line of the improvement, to the extent of the benefits received, and any difference between the amount assessed and the total cost shall be paid by the municipality. The proceedings relating to the making of such improvement and the ascertainment and assessment of the cost, and the collection of the assessments made shall be the same as provided in this chapter for sidewalk improvements made upon streets not under the control of a county board or commission. All such assessments shall be a lien upon the real estate assessed until paid with interest thereon, as provided by law for assessments for local improvements.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016