New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:66-4 - Contracts; Bid Specification, Advertising, Renegotiations

40:66-4. Contracts; bid specification, advertising, renegotiations
40:66-4. a. The governing body may, if it deem it more advantageous, contract with any person for the cleaning of the streets, or the collection or disposal of solid waste. Before making any such contract or contracts the governing body shall first adopt specifications for the doing of the work in a sanitary and inoffensive manner. The specifications may include provisions limiting solid waste collection service and recyclable material collection service to specified operating hours in order to preserve the peace and quiet in neighborhoods during the hours when most residents are asleep.

Any specifications adopted by the governing body for the collection or disposal of solid waste shall conform to the uniform bid specifications for municipal solid waste collection contracts established pursuant to section 22 of P.L.1991, c.381 (C.48:13A-7.22). Any such contract or contracts, the total amount of which exceeds in the fiscal year the amount set forth in, or the amount calculated by the Governor pursuant to, section 3 of P.L.1971, c.198 (C.40A:11-3), shall be entered into and made only after bids shall have been advertised therefor, and awarded in the manner provided in the "Local Public Contracts Law," P.L.1971, c.198 (C.40A:11-1 et seq.).

b.Whenever the governing body adopts an ordinance to provide for the collection or disposal of solid waste within its municipal boundaries by imposing solid waste charges based on the number of solid waste containers processed per household pursuant to subsection b. of R.S.40:66-5, on or after the first day of the 13th month following the effective date of that ordinance, the governing body may request the relevant solid waste collector to whom a multi-year contract has been awarded to renegotiate the contract to reflect any reduction in the annual volume of solid waste collected achieved as a result of the ordinance.

Amended 1942, c.133; 1968, c.208, s.1; 1989, c.244, s.4; 1991, c.381, s.47; 2001, c.92, s.2.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016