New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:66a-58 - Competitive Systems; State's Pledge And Agreement With Bondholders

40:66A-58. Competitive systems; State's pledge and agreement with bondholders
The State of New Jersey does hereby pledge to and covenant and agree with the holders of any bonds issued pursuant to this act that the State will not authorize or permit the construction or maintenance of any incinerator or garbage and solid wastes disposal system which may be competitive with the garbage and solid wastes disposal system of the solid waste management authority, and will not limit or alter the rights hereby vested in the solid waste management authority to acquire, construct, maintain, reconstruct and operate its garbage and solid wastes disposal system, and to fix, establish, charge and collect its service charges and to fulfill the terms of any agreement made with the holders of such bonds or other obligations, and will not in any way impair the rights or remedies of such holders, and will not modify in any way the exemptions from taxation provided for in this act, until such bonds, together with interest thereon, with interest on any unpaid installments of interest, and all costs and expenses in connection with any action or proceeding by or on behalf of such holders, are fully met and discharged.

L.1968, c. 249, s. 25, eff. Aug. 16, 1968.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016