New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:67-19 - Vacation Of Streets And Places Dedicated But Not Accepted; Ordinance; Notice And Hearing

40:67-19. Vacation of streets and places dedicated but not accepted; ordinance; notice and hearing
Whenever there shall have been a dedication of lands as a public street or highway or a public square or public place, and the same has not been accepted or opened by the municipality, and it shall appear to the governing body that the public interest will be better served by releasing those lands or any part thereof from such dedication, the governing body may by ordinance release and extinguish the public right arising from said dedication as to the whole or any part of those lands, and thereupon said lands or the part thereof so released shall be effectually discharged therefrom as though the dedication had not taken place; but only after notice of the intention of the governing body to consider any such ordinance, and a hearing thereon, shall have been given as provided in section 40:49-6 of this title concerning ordinances for the vacation of streets.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016