New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:68-12 - Private Wharves Or Other Improvements; License For Construction; Application; Procedure

40:68-12. Private wharves or other improvements; license for construction; application; procedure
Any person desiring to construct, alter, improve or extend any wharf, pier, dock, bulkhead, or other building in the nature thereof, harbor structures, and shipping and docking facilities shall make written application to the proper officer or body stating the nature and extent of such intended construction, alteration, improvement or extension, and shall file with such application, full and complete plans and specifications thereof, and shall also produce his deeds, leases or other evidence of title, or right of possession. The governing body of the municipality shall give notice of the time and place of public hearing of such application, to all persons interested, by advertisement in two newspapers of general circulation in the municipality, for two successive weeks at least once in each week, and by posting such notice upon the lands or premises mentioned in the application. After such hearing the governing body shall by resolution grant or deny such application, and approve or disapprove the plans and specifications filed therewith and if it grant the same and approve the plans and specifications, shall in its resolution, direct a license or permit to issue therefor. All such licenses or permits shall be recorded in a book to be kept for the purpose, and no such license or permit shall be unreasonably withheld by the governing body.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016