New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:68-40 - Powers

40:68-40. Powers
Every Beach Erosion Control District shall be a public body politic and corporate, constituting a political subdivision of the State and shall have perpetual succession and have the following powers and be authorized to:

(1) Adopt and have a common seal and to alter the same at pleasure.

(2) To sue and be sued.

(3) Prepare the necessary and proper plans and specifications for the construction, replacement or improvement of jetties, bulkheads or other facilities designed to prevent erosion resulting from tidal waters, and to engage in filling or other projects to restore areas previously eroded.

(4) Select locations for the erosion control works and determine the size, type and method of construction thereof.

(5) Make any necessary estimates of the principal cost of said projects.

(6) Enter into the necessary contracts to perform any of the acts authorized by this act.

(7) Obtain and exercise such consent or approval as may be necessary from officials or agencies of the Government of the United States or the State of New Jersey.

(8) Borrow money and incur indebtedness and issue its negotiable bonds and notes for any of the purposes provided for in this article or for the purpose of funding or refunding its bonds, notes or other indebtedness, and to provide for the rights and securities of the holders of such bonds, notes or other indebtedness.

(9) Acquire, hold and dispose of any and all property, real or personal, make and carry out and perform any and all contracts and agreements, execute any and all instruments and do and perform any and all acts and things necessary or convenient in the exercise of the powers especially given in this article or in the performance of the duties required in or undertaken pursuant to this article.

(10) Employ such agents or employees as it may deem necessary to carry out the purpose of this act.

L.1967, c. 184, s. 14, eff. July 27, 1967.

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