New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:68a-55 - Aid And Co-operation Of Local Units

40:68A-55. Aid and co-operation of local units
For the purpose of aiding and co-operating in the planning, undertaking, acquisition, construction or operation of any project of a municipal port authority, the local unit may: (a) acquire real property in its name for any project or for the widening of existing roads, streets, parkways, avenues or highways or for new roads, streets, parkways, avenues, or highways to any such project, or partly for such purposes and partly for other municipal purposes, by purchase or condemnation in the manner provided by law for the acquisition of real property by such municipality; (b) furnish, dedicate, close, vacate, pave, install, grade, regrade, plan or replan streets, roads, roadways, alleys, sidewalks or other places which it is otherwise empowered to undertake; and (c) do any and all things necessary or convenient to aid and co-operate in the planning, undertaking, construction or operation of any such project, and cause services to be furnished to the municipal port authority of the character which such municipality is otherwise empowered to furnish, and to incur the entire expense thereof.

L.1960, c. 192, p. 827, s. 27, eff. Feb. 15, 1961.

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