New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:69a-12 - Report And Recommendations

40:69A-12. Report and recommendations
1-12. The charter commission may report and recommend:

(a) That a referendum shall be held to submit to the qualified voters of the municipality the question of adopting one of the plans of government authorized in this act, and such of the alternative provisions as permitted thereunder, to be specified by the commission; or

(b) That the governing body shall petition the Legislature for the enactment of a special charter or for one or more specific amendments of or to the charter of the municipality, the text of which shall be appended to the charter commission's report pursuant to Article IV, Section VII, Paragraph 10, of the Constitution of 1947 and to the enabling legislation enacted thereunder to the extent that such legislation is not inconsistent herewith; or

(c) That the form of government of the municipality shall remain unchanged; or

(d) That the charter of the municipality adopted under P.L.1950, c.210 (C.40:69A-1 et seq.) be amended to adopt one of the alternative provisions authorized under the current plan of government of the municipality, in which case a referendum shall be held to submit the question to the qualified voters of the municipality in the same manner as required for an ordinance adopted to that effect pursuant to sections 7 through 11 of P.L.1981, c.465 (40:69A-25.1 through 40:69A-25.5) and sections 17-42 through 17-47 of P.L.1950, c.210 (C.40:69A-191 through 40:69A-196); or

(e) Such other action as it may deem advisable consistent with its functions as set forth in section 1-7 of this article.

L.1950,c.210,s.1-12; amended 1953,c.254,s.4; 1981,c.465,s.1; 1991,c.430,s.1.

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