New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:69a-3 - Candidates For Charter Commission

40:69A-3. Candidates for charter commission
Candidates for the charter commission shall be registered voters of the municipality. They may be nominated by petition signed by at least 3% or 100, whichever is the lesser number, but at no time shall such number be less than 10, of the registered voters of the municipality, and filed with the municipal clerk not less than 60 days prior to the date of the election.

(a) Each nominating petition shall set forth the names, places of residence, and post-office addresses of the candidate or candidates thereby nominated, that the nomination is for the office of charter commissioner and that the petitioners are legally qualified to vote for such candidate or candidates. Every voter signing a nominating petition shall add to his signature, his place of residence, post-office address and street number, if any. No voter shall sign a petition or petitions for more than five candidates.

(b) Each nominating petition shall, before it may be filed with the municipal clerk, contain an acceptance of such nomination in writing, signed by the candidate or candidates therein nominated, upon or annexed to such petition, or if the same person or persons be named in more than one petition, upon or annexed to one of such petitions. Such acceptance shall certify that the candidate is a registered voter of the municipality, that the nominee consents to stand as a candidate at the election and that if elected he agrees to take office and serve.

(c) Each nominating petition shall be verified by an oath or affirmation of one or more of the signers thereof, taken and subscribed before a person qualified under the laws of New Jersey to administer an oath, to the effect that the petition was signed by each of the signers thereof in his proper handwriting, that the signers are, to the best knowledge and belief of the affiant, registered voters of the municipality, and that the petition is prepared and filed in good faith for the sole purpose of endorsing the person or persons named therein for election as stated in the petition.

L.1950, c. 210, p. 461, s. 1-3, eff. June 8, 1950. Amended by L.1975, c. 372, s. 1, eff. March 3, 1976.

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