New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:75-46 - Election Not To Be Restrained Or Delayed; Effect Of Writs

40:75-46. Election not to be restrained or delayed; effect of writs
In order to prevent an incumbent or any other person acting either directly or indirectly in his behalf, from delaying or obstructing the recall election and thereby preventing the incumbent's removal, no writ or order issued out of any court shall be allowed whereby the recall election is prevented, restrained, or delayed, but the recall election shall proceed, notwithstanding any proceedings which may be instituted in any court whereby the legality of any of the petitions, acts, or elections permitted or authorized herein are to be reviewed.

Such proceedings for review are not hereby restrained, but may proceed to final judgment, and if as a result thereof it is determined that the incumbent has not been legally removed, then he shall be restored to his office and his salary for the term he has been removed shall be paid.

All acts of the boards of commissioners done while such incumbent was removed from his office shall be as lawful as if he had been present and participated therein.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016