New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:80-5 - Election Agents; Designated By Petition

40:80-5. Election agents; designated by petition
Two agents for each election district may be designated by a petition signed by legal voters of the municipality equal in number to at least three per centum (3%) of the number of persons who voted in the municipality at the last preceding general election, held for the election of all of the members of the General Assembly. The petition shall name the agents designated and their respective districts, and shall be filed with the municipal clerk not later than the Tuesday next preceding the election. The petition shall bear on its face the name of a representative authorized to act for the petitioners in filling vacancies in the designation of any agent or agents named therein which may arise after the filing of said petition. Upon the filing of the petition the municipal clerk shall forthwith issue, under his hand, to each person designated therein a permit for him to act as agent in the election district specified in the petition. The permit shall be evidence of the right of the person named therein to be present in the polling place of the election district for which he has been designated and to challenge the right to vote therein of any person claiming such right and to be present while the ballots cast are being counted and to hear and see such ballots counted. The grounds for challenge and the procedure for disposition thereof shall be the same as prescribed by the laws regulating general elections. No signature shall be counted as valid for more than one petition and should any voter sign two or more petitions his signature shall be void as to the petition or petitioners last filed. A vacancy arising with respect to any agent shall be filled by the representative appointed in the petition designating such agent. Such appointment shall be certified to the municipal clerk, who shall forthwith issue a permit in the manner hereinbefore prescribed for agents designated by petition.

Amended by L.1948, c. 6, p. 52, s. 1, eff. April 5, 1948.

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