New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40a:62-7 - Miscellaneous

40A:62-7. Miscellaneous
a. The town council may, by ordinance, delegate all or a portion of the executive responsibilities of the municipality to an administrator, who shall be appointed pursuant to N. J. S. 40A:9-136.

b. The town council may, by ordinance, adopt an administrative code. The administrative code shall restate the major provisions of the town's charter and the general law supplementing the charter. The administrative code shall set forth the manner in which the council shall perform its duties. If the council organizes itself into standing committees or if the council members serve as heads of departments, with administrative control over said departments, the administrative code shall specify the powers and duties of such committees or department heads and the manner in which they are appointed. The administrative code shall also set forth the titles of the principal municipal officers, how the officers are appointed, how they are organized into departments, boards, commissions, and other agencies; whom they supervise; by whom they are supervised; what powers they have; and what procedures should be followed to carry on the activities of the city government. The administrative code shall not grant any power or authority nor authorize any procedure, unless such power, or authority or procedure is authorized implicitly by the wording of the statute or derived by reasonable implication therefrom.

c. The assets and liabilities of any board, commission or district created pursuant to the statutes repealed in section 40A:62-8 of this act shall be transferred to the municipality.

d. The town council may create such advisory councils to the municipality as it may choose, including councils for the functions absorbed by it of any heretofore existing board, commission or district. (Source: New.)

L. 1988, c. 7, s. 1.

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