New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40a:63-6 - Powers Of The Committee

40A:63-6. Powers of the Committee
a. The committee shall be the legislative body of the municipality.

b. The committee may subject to general law and the provisions of this act:

(1) pass, adopt, amend and repeal any ordinance or, where permitted, any resolution for any purpose required for the government of the municipality or for the accomplishment of any public purpose for which the municipality is authorized to act under general law;

(2) control and regulate the finances of the municipality and raise money by borrowing and taxation;

(3) create such offices and positions as they deem necessary. The officers appointed thereto shall perform the duties required by law and the ordinances of the committee. Other than the township attorney, engineer, building inspector, the clerk, tax collector and tax assessor who shall serve for terms as provided in Chapter 9 of Title 40A of the New Jersey Statutes, these officers shall serve at the pleasure of the committee;

(4) investigate any activity of the municipality; and

(5) remove any officer of the municipality, other than those officers excepted by law, for cause.

c. The committee shall have all the executive responsibilities of the municipality not placed, by general law or this act, in the office of the mayor.

Source: R.S.40:145-13 and New.)


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Last modified: October 11, 2016