New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40a:63-9 - Statutes Repealed

40A:63-9. Statutes Repealed
The following acts are hereby repealed:

R.S.40:95-1 to R.S.40:95-6

R.S.40:96-1 to R.S.40:96-10

R.S.40:97-1 to R.S.40:97-8

P.L.1939, c.182, s. 1 (C.40:97-9)

R.S.40:98-1 to R.S.40:98-3



R.S.40:100-1 to R.S.40:100-7

R.S.40:101-1 to R.S.40:101-18

R.S.40:102-1 to R.S.40:102-9

R.S.40:142-1 to R.S.40:142-2

R.S.40:143-1 to R.S.40:143-3


P.L.1981, c.427, s.21 (C.40:144-1.1)

R.S.40:144-2 to R.S.40:144-6

R.S.40:144-11 to R.S.40:144-14

P.L.1948, c.437 (C.40:144-16 to 40:144-26)

R.S.40:145-1 to R.S.40:145-4

R.S.40:145-6 to R.S.40:145-7

R.S.40:145-9 to R.S.40:145-10

R.S.40:145-12 to R.S.40:145-13

P.L.1950, c.23 s.1-2 (C.40:145-13.1 to 40:145-13.2)

R.S.40:145-14 to R.S.40:145-18

R.S.40:145-29 to R.S.40:145-31

P.L.1948, c.309 (C.40:145-32)

P.L.1970, c.281 s. 1 (C.40:145-33)

R.S.40:146-1 to R.S.40:146-3


P.L.1938, c.65, s. 1(C.40:146-13.1)

R.S.40:146-21 to R.S.40:146-26

P.L.1939, c.167, s. 1-3 (C.40:146-27 to 40:146-29)

R.S.40:147-1 to R.S.40:147-2

R.S.40:148-1 to R.S.40:148-3

R.S.40:148-5 to R.S.40:148-10


P.L.1966, c.288, s. 1-2 (C.40:149-3.2 to 40:149-3.3)

R.S.40:150-2 to R.S.40:150-5

R.S.40:152-1 to R.S.40:152-4

R.S.40:153-1 to R.S.40:153-35

P.L.1947, c.49, s. 1-8 (C.40:153-36 to 40:153-43)

R.S.40:155-1 to R.S.40:155-11


R.S.40:158-1 to R.S.40:158-2

R.S.40:158-4 to R.S.40:158-7

R.S.40:159-1 to R.S.40:159-2

R.S.40:161-1 to R.S.40:161-6

P.L.1946, c.76, s. 1-2 (C.40:162A-1 to 40:162A-2)


N.J.S.40A:9-153.1 to N.J.S.40A:9-153.2

N.J.S.40A:14-101 to N.J.S.40A:14-103

N.J.S.40A:18-1 to N.J.S.40A:18-64

L.1892, c.175

L.1930, c.96

L.1935, c.135

L.1989, c.157, s.1.

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