New Jersey Revised Statutes § 46:30b-109 - Statutes Repealed

46:30B-109. Statutes repealed
46:30B-109. Statutes repealed.

The following are repealed:

N.J.S.2A:15-76 to N.J.S.2A:15-85 inclusive;

N.J.S.2A:15-86 to N.J.S.2A:15-91 inclusive;

N.J.S.2A:37-11 to N.J.S.2A:37-33 inclusive;

N.J.S.2A:37-35 and N.J.S.2A:37-36;


N.J.S.2A:37-43 and N.J.S.2A:37-44;

N.J.S.17B:31-1 to N.J.S.17B:31-11 inclusive;

P.L.1979, c.88, s.1 (C.2A:37-30.1);

P.L.1967, c.135, s.15 (C.2A:37-45);

P.L.1979, c.298 (C.2A:37-48 to C.2A:37-50 inclusive);

P.L.1945, c.199, ss.1 to 9 inclusive (C.17:9-18 to C.17:9-26 inclusive);

P.L.1947, c.91, s.2 (C.17:9-19.1);

P.L.1978, c.182, s.2 (C.17:9-19.2);

P.L.1946, c.78, ss.4 and 7 (C.17:9-22.3 and C.17:9-24.1);

P.L.1947, c.91, ss.4, 6 and 7 (C.17:9-22.4, C.17:9-22.6 and C.17:9-22.7);

P.L.1966, c.285 (C.32:28-1 to C.32:28-10 inclusive);

P.L.1948, c.456, ss.1 to 5, 7 to 9 and 11 (C.40:26A-1 to C.40:26A-5 inclusive, C.40:26A-7 to C.40:26A-9 inclusive and C.40:26A-11).

L.1989, c.58, s.1.

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