New Jersey Revised Statutes § 46:30b-24 - Determining Maturity Of Insurance Policy Or Annuity Contract.

46:30B-24 Determining maturity of insurance policy or annuity contract.

46:30B-24. Determining maturity of insurance policy or annuity contract. For purposes of this article, a life or endowment insurance policy or annuity contract not matured by actual proof of death of the insured or annuitant according to the records of the company is matured and the proceeds due and payable if:

a.The company knows that the insured or annuitant has died; or

b.The insured has attained, or would have attained if he were living, the limiting age under the mortality table on which the reserve is based;

c.The policy was in force at the time the insured attained, or would have attained, the limiting age specified in subsection b.; and

d.Neither the insured nor any other person appearing to have an interest in the policy within the preceding two years, according to the records of the company, has assigned, readjusted, or paid premiums on the policy, subjected the policy to a loan, corresponded in writing with the company concerning the policy, or otherwise indicated an interest as evidenced by a contemporaneous memorandum or other record on file prepared by an employee of the company.

L.1989, c.58, s.1; amended 2002, c.35, s.19.

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