New Jersey Revised Statutes § 46:30b-47 - Form And Contents Of Report.

46:30B-47 Form and contents of report.

46:30B-47. Form and contents of report. The report shall be verified and shall include:

a.Except with respect to travelers checks and money orders, the name, if known, and last known address, if any, of each person appearing from the records of the holder to be the owner of property of the value of $50 or more presumed abandoned under this chapter. Dividends, interest and mineral proceeds that accrue shall not be aggregated and shall be reported separately;

b.In the case of unclaimed funds of $50 or more held or owing under any life or endowment insurance policy or annuity contract, the full name and last known address of the insured or annuitant and of the beneficiary according to the records of the insurance company holding or owing the funds;

c.In the case of the contents of a safe deposit box or other safekeeping repository or of other tangible property, a description of the property, its estimated value and the place where it is held and may be inspected by the administrator and any amounts owing to the holder;

d.The nature and identifying number, if any, or description of the property and the amount appearing from the records to be due, but items of value under $50 each may be reported in the aggregate;

e.The date the property became payable, demandable, or returnable, and the date of the last transaction with the apparent owner with respect to the property;

f.The Social Security account number or federal identification number, if available, of each person appearing to be the owner of the reported unclaimed property; and

g.Other information the administrator prescribes by rule as necessary for the administration of this chapter.

L.1989, c.58, s.1; amended 2002, c.35, s.38.

46:30B-47.1. Contents of report: Superior Court Clerk and surrogate
46:30B-47.1. Contents of report: Superior Court Clerk and surrogate. The report of the Clerk of the Superior Court or a surrogate shall set forth the following information instead of that required by R.S.46:30B-47:

a. The name of the case in which the deposit was made;

b. The court's docket or identifying number for the case;

c. The date the deposit was made;

d. The unpaid balance of the original sum deposited;

e. The interest or income earned while on deposit;

f. The total amount payable to the State Treasurer.

Source: N.J.S.2A:15-78; section 4 of P.L.1948, c.456 (C.40:26A-4).

L.1989, c.58, s.1.

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