New Jersey Revised Statutes § 46:30b-7.1 - Communication Between Holder And Apparent Owner.

46:30B-7.1 Communication between holder and apparent owner.

46:30B-7.1. Communication between holder and apparent owner. Property shall not be presumed abandoned if within the period that the property remains unclaimed the apparent owner communicated in writing or by other means reflected in a contemporaneous record prepared by or on behalf of the holder, with the holder concerning property or the account in which the property is held, or has otherwise indicated an interest in the property. A communication with an owner by a person other than the holder or its representative who has not in writing identified the property to the owner is not an indication of interest in the property by the owner. An indication of an owner's interest in property includes:

the presentment of a check or other instrument of payment of a dividend or other distribution made with respect to an account or underlying stock or other interest in a business association or financial organization or, in the case of a distribution made by electronic or similar means, evidence that the distribution has been received;

owner-directed activity in the account in which the property is held, including a direction by the owner to increase, decrease, or change the amount or type of property held in the account; or

the payment of a premium with respect to a property interest in an insurance policy.

The application of an automatic premium loan provision or other nonforfeiture provision contained in an insurance policy does not prevent a policy from maturing or terminating if the insured has died or the insured or the beneficiary of the policy has otherwise become entitled to the proceeds before the depletion of the cash surrender value of a policy by the application of those provisions.

L.1989, c.58, s.1; amended 2002, c.35, s.5.

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