New Jersey Revised Statutes § 46:30b-77 - Filing Claim; Another State Excluded.

46:30B-77 Filing claim; another state excluded.

46:30B-77. Filing claim; another state excluded. a. A person, excluding another state, claiming an interest in any property paid or delivered to the administrator may file with the administrator a claim on a form prescribed by the administrator and verified by the claimant.

b.The administrator shall allow the claim of persons asserting entitlement as heirs to the property of an intestate decedent paid or delivered to the administrator pursuant to N.J.S.3B:5-5 only upon receipt of (1) substantial credible evidence of heirship, (2) satisfactory evidence that a diligent investigation to locate all heirs of the decedent has been concluded, (3) the names, last known addresses, and a description of the relationships of all of the heirs of the decedent discovered as a result of that investigation, or otherwise, and (4) a release and refunding bond or other instrument satisfactory to the administrator, providing the administrator and the State with full indemnity for claims by other heirs of the decedent. The administrator shall make payment or delivery as otherwise provided in this article to the heirs in shares as prescribed in N.J.S.3B:5-3 through N.J.S.3B:5-14.

If the holder has filed an inaccurate or incomplete report and an owner makes a claim for the return of the property and the administrator is unable to determine if the property was reported or delivered, then the holder shall either file an amended accurate and complete report within 120 days of notice by the administrator or directly pay the owner and thereafter make a claim for reimbursement in accordance with R.S.46:30B-62. It shall be the holder's burden to establish that the owner's property was delivered with the original report.

L.1989, c.58, s.1; amended 1995, c.152, s.4; 2002, c.35, s.51.

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