New Jersey Revised Statutes § 46:3b-7.3 - Functions, Duties Of Board

46:3B-7.3. Functions, duties of board
3. a. The Board of Trustees shall monitor and annually report to the Legislature on the financial performance of the new home warranty security fund, with particular attention to whether the fund's income from fees, premiums, interest and other sources, together with its reserves and reinsurance, will provide sufficient resources to meet anticipated claims on the fund.

b.The board shall commission an independent biennial actuarial analysis of the fund. The initial analysis shall commence June 30, 2001.

c.Based on its continuing monitoring of the fund's financial performance and the adequacy of the fund relative to anticipated claims, the board shall annually submit to the commissioner recommendations concerning the fund's premiums, fees, investments and reinsurance. Within 90 days of receipt of the recommendations, the commissioner shall formally respond as to the implementation of the recommendations, including an explanation of any deviation from the board's recommendations.

d.If, based on the actuarial analysis of the fund, the board determines that the fund's reserves are in excess of what is sufficient to meet anticipated claims, the board shall recommend to the commissioner the amount of fund moneys that should be returned to, and the mode of calculating the distribution of such moneys among, the owners of the enrolled homes.

e.The board shall periodically review and make recommendations to the commissioner regarding the administration of the new home warranty program established in the department. Such review and recommendations shall include, but not be limited to, claims processing procedures, standards of construction and quality for the structural elements and components of a new home, and the degrees of noncompliance that shall constitute a defect subject to the warranty coverage.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016