New Jersey Revised Statutes § 46:5-6 - Conveyance By Quitclaim And Record Thereof As Evidence; Validity As To Subsequent Judgment Creditors, Purchasers And Mortgagees

46:5-6. Conveyance by quitclaim and record thereof as evidence; validity as to subsequent judgment creditors, purchasers and mortgagees
Every conveyance or instrument which shall purport to remise, release or quitclaim to the grantee therein any claim to or estate or interest in the real estate described therein, made and executed prior to or after July fourth, one thousand nine hundred and thirty-one, and which has been acknowledged or proved by the grantor therein with the same formality and in the same manner as is required by the laws of this state for the making, executing and acknowledging or proving of deeds of bargain and sale, shall be received in evidence in any court of this state, as shall the record thereof, if such conveyance or instrument shall have been first recorded in the office of the county recording officer of the county wherein the described real estate is situate; and every such conveyance or instrument shall, until duly recorded or lodged for record in the office of the county recording officer of the county in which the affected real estate is situate, be void and of no effect against subsequent judgment creditors without notice, and against all subsequent bona fide purchasers and mortgagees for valuable consideration, not having notice thereof, whose deed or mortgage shall have been first duly recorded; but every such conveyance or instrument shall be valid and operative, although not recorded, except as against such judgment creditors, purchasers and mortgagees.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016