New Jersey Revised Statutes § 46:7-3 - Statements Curing Defects In Designation Of Corporate Grantees

46:7-3. Statements curing defects in designation of corporate grantees
When a conveyance of real estate or an interest therein is made to a religious society or corporation or an association not for pecuniary profit, incorporated under any general or special law of this state, and such conveyance fails to state correctly the corporate name or designation of the grantee society, corporation or association, but the intention of the grantor is manifested by the use, in such conveyance, of the principal words of the corporate name or designation of such society, corporation or association, and such society, corporation or association has entered into possession and occupation of the conveyed real estate, it may file in the office of the county recording officer of the county in which such real estate is situate a statement setting forth the date of such conveyance, the date of its recording and the number and page of the book of record thereof, the name of the grantor, a description of the property conveyed, the erroneous title or designation of such society, corporation or association as expressed in the conveyance, together with the correct title or designation thereof. Such statement shall be verified by any duly authorized officer of such society, corporation or association, before an officer authorized to take acknowledgments or proofs of deeds.

Such statement, when filed, shall be recorded by the county recording officer in a book to be by him kept for that purpose, and, when so filed and recorded, shall vest in such society, corporation or association as good and perfect a title to the real estate or interest so conveyed as though the same had been conveyed by a proper corporate name or designation; and such statement, so filed and recorded, or duly certified copies thereof, shall be received as evidence in any of the courts of this state.

For recording statements pursuant to this section the county recording officer shall receive the same fees as are allowed by law for recording deeds.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016