New Jersey Revised Statutes § 46:9-8.1 - Definitions

46:9-8.1. Definitions
1.As used in this act:

a."Mortgage loan" means any loan or line of credit, except a construction loan, which states a maximum specified principal amount and which is secured by an interest in real property.

b."Construction loan" means a loan for a fixed term of no more than three years which is secured by a lien on real property and which is made by the lender for the sole purpose of financing the erection, construction, completion, addition to, alteration or repair of improvements to real property.

c."Line of credit" means an agreement whereby a lender is obligated to provide a specified amount of credit to a borrower from time to time. The agreement may include provisions to amend or change the interest rate or terms of repayment and shall be an obligation for the purposes of this section notwithstanding the inclusion of one or more of the following limitations and conditions:

(1)An expiration date of the agreement or an option of the lender to cancel the agreement on notice to the borrower;

(2)The financial condition of any borrower;

(3)Continued compliance by the borrower with the terms of the agreement and any mortgage or security agreement securing the amounts advanced pursuant to the agreement;

(4)The absence of an adverse change in the value or condition of any collateral securing the agreement;

(5)A requirement of certain procedures for activating the obligation to make advances pursuant to the agreement; or

(6)A decision of the lender not to continue to engage in the business of providing lines of credit on terms similar to the agreement.

d."Modification" means:

(1)With respect to a mortgage loan other than a line of credit, a change in the interest rate, due date or other terms and conditions of a mortgage loan except an advance of principal; or

(2)With respect to a line of credit, a change in the interest rate, due date or other terms and conditions and an advance of principal made pursuant to the line of credit but only to the extent that the advance does not cause the principal balance due to exceed the principal amount stated in the line of credit plus accrued interest;

(3)Payments for taxes, assessments and insurance and other payments made by the mortgagee pursuant to the terms of the mortgage or line of credit are included with the amounts which have priority pursuant to section 2 of P.L.1985, c.353 (C.46:9-8.2) and are not included in the phrase "advance of principal;"

(4)"Modification" does not include a substitution in the collateral.

L.1985,c.353,s.1; amended 1997, c.427, s.1; 1998, c.130.

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