New Jersey Revised Statutes § 52:27i-33 - Designated Redeveloper.

52:27I-33 Designated redeveloper.

16. a. Upon the acceptance by the federal government of the revitalization plan adopted by the predecessor authority pursuant to section 14 of P.L.2006, c.16 (C.52:27I-14), the EDA is hereby designated as a designated redeveloper for any property acquired by or conveyed to the authority. The authority and EDA shall enter into a designated redevelopment agreement detailing the terms and conditions of the designated redeveloper relationship, including, but not limited to, the tasks and scope of powers and authorities delegated to the EDA as a designated redeveloper, which may include the power and authority to perform all acts and do all things that the authority is empowered to do pursuant to this act, except for the powers enumerated in subsections b., c., o., q., r., s., t., ff., hh., ii., jj., kk., and ll. of section 9 of this act and the ability to adopt or amend the plan or the development and design guidelines and land use regulations adopted by the authority as provided in this act. In addition to such delegated power and authority, in order to carry out and effectuate the purposes of this act and the terms of the plan, the designated redeveloper may do and perform any acts and things authorized by the "New Jersey Economic Development Authority Act," P.L.1974, c.80 (C.34:1B-1 et seq.) necessary or convenient to carry out the purposes of this act.

b.No municipality shall modify or change the drawings, plans, or specifications for the construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation, alteration, or improvement of any project of the authority, or of the EDA, or the construction, plumbing, heating, lighting, or other mechanical branch of work necessary to complete the work in question, or require that any person, firm or corporation employed on any such work shall perform the work in any other or different manner than that provided by the drawings, plans, and specifications, or require that any person, firm or corporation obtain any other or additional authority, approval, permit, or certificate from the municipality in relation to the work being done, and the doing of the work by any person, firm, or corporation in accordance with the terms of the drawings, plans, specifications, or contracts shall not subject the person, firm, or corporation to any liability or penalty, civil or criminal, other than as may be stated in the contracts or incidental to the proper enforcement thereof; nor shall any municipality require the authority, the EDA, or any person, firm, partnership or corporation which leases or purchases the project for lease or purchase to a State agency, to obtain any other or additional authority, approval, permit, certificate, or certificate of occupancy from the municipality as a condition of owning, using, maintaining, operating, or occupying any project acquired, constructed, reconstructed, rehabilitated, altered, or improved by the authority or by the EDA. Notwithstanding the provisions of subsections b. and d. of section 17 of this act, municipal site plan approval and municipal subdivision approval shall not be required for any project undertaken by the authority or the EDA, but a project undertaken by the EDA shall require the affirmative vote of seven members of the authority. The foregoing provisions shall not preclude any municipality from exercising the right of inspection for the purpose of requiring compliance by any project with local requirements for operation and maintenance affecting the health, safety, and welfare of the occupants thereof, provided that the compliance does not require changes, modifications or additions to the original construction of the project.

L.2010, c.51, s.16.

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