New Jersey Revised Statutes § 55:13a-7.12 - Definitions Relative To Child-protection Window Guards.

55:13A-7.12 Definitions relative to child-protection window guards.
1.As used in this act:

"child-protection window guard" or "window guard" means a bar, screen or grille assembly designed to be installed in a window for the purpose of preventing accidental fall or ejection of a child through the window. It shall be so designed, constructed and installed that no person of the age of 10 years or younger may through accident, ignorance or inadvertence, remove, open or dislodge it so as to permit such fall or ejection. Such window guards shall conform to specifications developed by the commissioner regarding design, construction and installation so as to accomplish the purpose of this act. A municipality may adopt standards that afford tenants greater protections than are provided pursuant to the commissioner's specifications.

The commissioner's specifications for double hung windows shall ensure that window guards protect the full openable area of each lower window. The specifications shall provide that all window guards shall be designed and installed as to ensure that any space between the lowest section of the top horizontal bar of the window guard and the bottom of the upper sash is less than four inches. Installation of rigid metal stops in the upper tracks of a bottom window or other attempts to limit the ability to raise the bottom window shall not be an acceptable method of satisfying the specifications provided for in this section. Window stops may be utilized as a safety enhancement when used in addition to installed window guards.

"common interest community" means a horizontal property regime, condominium, cooperative, or mutual housing corporation in which some of the property, known as common elements, is owned as tenants-in-common by all of the property owners.

"unit owners' association" means the association organized for the purpose of management of the common elements and facilities of a common interest community.

L.1995,c.120,s.1; amended 2006, c.55, s.1.

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