New Jersey Revised Statutes § 55:13a-7.3 - Parking For Handicapped

55:13A-7.3. Parking for handicapped
Any owner of a multiple dwelling which, as of the enactment of this act or at any time thereafter, provides parking to the occupants thereof, and in which a handicapped person resides, shall provide parking spaces for occupants who are handicapped located at the closest possible proximity to the principal accesses of the multiple dwelling.

A minimum of 1% of the total number of parking spaces provided for the occupants of the multiple dwelling, but not less than one parking space, shall be set aside as parking for the handicapped. Each space or group of spaces shall be identified with a clearly visible sign displaying the International Symbol of Access along with the following wording: "This space reserved for physically handicapped drivers." Where possible, the space shall be 12 feet wide to allow room for a person in a wheelchair or on braces or crutches to get in and out of either side of an automobile onto a level, paved surface suitable for wheeling and walking and shall be located so that a person in a wheelchair or using braces or crutches is not compelled to wheel or walk behind parked cars. Where applicable, curb ramps shall be provided to permit a handicapped person access from the parking area to the sidewalk.

For purposes of this section "handicapped" means a physical impairment which confines a person to a wheelchair; causes a person to walk with difficulty or insecurity; affects the sight or hearing to the extent that a person functioning in public areas is insecure or exposed to danger; causes faulty coordination; or reduces mobility, flexibility, coordination and perceptiveness to the extent that facilities are needed to provide for the safety of that person.

L. 1985, c. 280, s. 1.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016