New Jersey Revised Statutes § 55:14k-59 - Loans By Agency Authorized

55:14K-59.Loans by agency authorized
6. a. The agency is hereby authorized to make loans under the program to qualified purchasers of dwelling units from nonprofit organizations undertaking eligible projects that meet the requirements of section 7 of this act.

b. Loans made pursuant to this act shall be to low and moderate income purchasers of dwelling units within the project for which the loan is made, who intend making such dwelling units their principal place of residence, and who have entered into agreements with a qualified nonprofit organization to participate to the extent of their abilities in the actual work of construction or substantial rehabilitation. The terms of any such agreement shall provide that, if the prospective purchaser fails or refuses to carry out his obligations thereunder, or withdraws from participation in the project before completion of the project or any portion thereof to which his obligation extends, the nonprofit organization shall provide for substitution of another prospective purchaser who shall succeed to all the rights and obligations of the previous participant subsisting at the time of substitution.

(1) Loans made pursuant to this subsection shall be made only to pre-qualified home purchasers whose eligibility for such loans under the terms of this act has been determined by the agency.

(2) A loan made to an eligible purchaser out of funds granted pursuant to this act shall be secured by a mortgage held by the agency. The mortgage shall be secured by the property purchased by the eligible purchaser and shall be amortized monthly, with interest not to exceed a rate consistent with the provisions of subsection d. of section 5 of this act. The loan shall be repayable in full upon sale, lease or other transfer of the property resulting in that property's ceasing to be the principal residence of that purchaser; except that such eligible purchaser shall be entitled at any prior time, and without ceasing to maintain the property as his principal residence, to make repayment in whole or part. The agency may forebear the payment of interest to the extent it deems prudent and as may be permitted by the conditions of the bonds in any case in which it finds good cause and that the exaction of such payment would work an exceptional hardship upon the borrower.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016