New Jersey Revised Statutes § 55:14k-66 - Definitions

3.As used in this act:

"Agency" means the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency.

"Construction costs" means all expenditures made or incurred by a qualified housing developer, inclusive of reasonable pre-construction costs, prior to the obtaining of permanent financing on a completed housing development.

"Construction loan" means a loan made to a qualified developer for the financing of construction costs.

"Development" means development within the meaning of the "Municipal Land Use Law," P.L.1975, c.291 (C.40:55D-1 et seq.).

"Fund" means the Rental Housing Incentive Guarantee Fund established pursuant to section 4 of this act.

"Housing developer" means any person, firm, corporation or association of persons that has undertaken or proposes to undertake a housing development.

"Housing development" means development undertaken for the purpose of creating one or more residential units, whether detached or attached or in the form of multiple dwellings, for occupancy under rental tenure by persons who shall occupy such units as their usual and permanent residence, together with any structures or facilities appurtenant or ancillary thereto.

"Institutional lender" means any bank or trust company, savings bank, national banking association, savings and loan association, or building and loan association maintaining an office in this State, or any insurance company or any mortgage banking firm or mortgage banking corporation authorized to transact business in this State.

"Loan guarantee" means an agreement by the agency to guarantee up to 30 percent of the remaining principal balance of a loan made to a qualified developer by an institutional lender, either through agreements to purchase loans or to otherwise indemnify the lender, up to an amount not to exceed $300,000.

"Permanent financing" means long-term financing secured by a qualified housing developer through an institutional lender, and may include construction costs and costs associated with developing, constructing, and managing a housing development.

"Pre-construction costs" means the amount approved by the agency as an appropriate expenditure that may be incurred prior to the obtaining of permanent financing on a completed housing development, exclusive of the actual costs of construction and preparatory and ancillary to actual construction, and may include, without limitation: (1) payments for options, deposits or contracts to purchase properties on the proposed housing development site; (2) legal and organizational expenses, including attorneys' fees, and salaries, office rent and other incidental expenses for a project manager and office staff; (3) fees for preliminary feasibility studies, planning advances, borings, surveys, engineering and architectural work, and fees for the services of architects, engineers, planners and attorneys in connection therewith; (4) expenses for tenant surveys and market analyses; and (5) such other expenses as the agency may deem necessary and appropriate to effectuate the purposes of this act.

"Qualified housing developer" means a housing developer who has qualified for a loan guarantee pursuant to section 5 of this act.

"Qualified housing development" means a housing development for which a loan guarantee may be made pursuant to section 5 of this act.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016