New Jersey Revised Statutes § 55:19-102 - Establishment Of Fair Market Value Of Property

55:19-102. Establishment of fair market value of property
25. With respect to any eminent domain proceeding carried out under section 37 of P.L.1996, c.62 (C.55:19-56), the fair market value of the property shall be established on the basis of an analysis which determines independently:

a.the cost to rehabilitate and reuse the property for such purpose as is appropriate under existing planning and zoning regulations governing its reuse or to demolish the existing property and construct a new building on the site, including all costs ancillary to rehabilitation such as, but not limited to, marketing and legal costs;

b.the realistic market value of the reused property after rehabilitation or new construction, taking into account the market conditions particular to the neighborhood or subarea of the municipality in which the property is located; and

c.the extent to which the cost exceeds or does not exceed the market value after rehabilitation, or demolition and new construction, and the extent to which any "as is" value of the property prior to rehabilitation can be added to the cost of rehabilitation or demolition and new construction without the resulting combined cost exceeding the market value as separately determined. If the appraisal finds that the cost of rehabilitation or demolition and new construction, as appropriate, exceeds the realistic market value after rehabilitation or demolition and new construction, there shall be a rebuttable presumption in all proceedings under this subsection that the fair market value of the abandoned property is zero, and that no compensation is due the owner.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016