New Jersey Revised Statutes § 55:19-98 - Lien, Special Tax Sales, Remedies

55:19-98. Lien, special tax sales, remedies
21. a. The public officer, with the approval of the court, may place a lien on the property to cover any costs of the municipality in connection with a proceeding under P.L.2003, c.210 (C.55:19-78 et al.) incurred prior to the grant by the court of an order of possession under P.L.2003, c.210 (C.55:19-78 et al.), which may include costs incurred to stabilize or secure the property to ensure that it can be rehabilitated in a cost-effective manner. Any such lien shall be considered a municipal lien for the purposes of R.S.54:5-9 with the rights and status of a municipal lien pursuant thereto.

b.With the exception of the holding of special tax sales pursuant to section 24 of P.L.2003, c.210 (C.55:19-101), the remedies available under P.L.2003, c.210 (C.55:19-78 et al.) shall be available to any municipality with respect to any abandoned property, whether or not the municipality has established an abandoned property list as provided in section 36 of P.L.1996, c.62 (C.55:19-55) and whether or not the property has been included on any such list.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016