New Jersey Revised Statutes § 55:19-18 - Appropriation From Bond Fund

55:19-18. Appropriation from bond fund
a. There is appropriated to the Urban Development Investment Fund from the Community Development Bond Fund created by the "Community Development Bond Act of 1982" (P.L. 1981, c. 486) the sum of $30,000,000.00 for the purposes of this act, including so much thereof as may be necessary to meet any expense incurred by the issuing officials under P.L. 1981, c. 486 for advertising, engraving, printing, clerical, legal or other services necessary to carry out the duties imposed upon them by the provisions of that act.

b. It is the purpose of this act that the funds from which this appropriation shall be met shall be those funds which shall be derived from the sale of the Community Development Bonds, the issuance of which is provided for by subsection b. of section 5 of P.L. 1981, c. 486, which act was submitted to and approved by the people at the general election held on November 2, 1982.

c. The Director of the Division of Budget and Accounting in the Department of the Treasury is authorized and directed to make such correction of the title or text, or both, of any item in this act necessary to make an appropriation available for the purpose of its intention. The correction shall be by a written ruling reciting in appropriate detail the facts thereof and the reasons therefor, attested by the signature of the director and filed by him in his office as an official record, and any action thereunder, including disbursements, and the audit thereof, shall be legally binding, and of full force.

d. In order that all costs, whether direct or indirect of implementing the "Community Development Bond Act of 1982," P.L. 1981, c. 486 shall be paid from the fund established in section 14 thereof, the Director of the Division of Budget and Accounting, where appropriate and practicable, shall charge the fund and credit to the General State Fund or expenditure source such sums as may have been expended from other State appropriations for direct or indirect costs related to the programs herein authorized.

e. At any time prior to the issuance and sale of bonds under P.L. 1981, c. 486, the State Treasurer is authorized to transfer from available money in any fund of the Treasury of the State to credit of the Community Development Bond Fund, a sum as he may deem necessary. The sum so transferred shall be returned to the same fund of the Treasury by the State Treasurer from the proceeds of the sale of the bonds.

f. The State Treasurer or the Director of the Division of Budget and Accounting shall approve expenditures from the Community Development Bond Fund for administrative costs.

g. (Deleted by amendment, P.L. 1988, c. 120.)

h. Loan rates and maturities of loans made by the Urban Development Corporation shall be established by the State Treasurer taking into consideration rates available in capital markets for comparable maturities and comparable credit quality. Local governments may secure interim financing under this act to enable a project to be undertaken before permanent financing is secured or may secure permanent financing under this act with a final maturity related to the expected useful life of the project being so financed.

i. No interest-free loan shall be permitted without the written approval of the State Treasurer or his designee.

j. Pending their application to the purposes provided in this act, the monies in the Community Development Fund may be invested and reinvested as are other trust funds in the custody of the State Treasurer, in the manner provided by law. Net earnings received from the investment or deposit of that fund shall be paid into the General Fund.

L. 1985, c. 227, s. 17; amended 1988,c.120.

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