New Jersey Revised Statutes § 55:19-21 - Findings, Determinations Relative To Urban Redevelopment

55:19-21. Findings, determinations relative to urban redevelopment

2. The Legislature finds and determines that:

a. As one of the nation's most densely populated States and one of the earliest settled, New Jersey is beset by a host of urban problems attendant upon economic obsolescence, an aging infrastructure, long-term underinvestment and de-industrialization;

b. Although the State Development and Redevelopment Plan has fostered a more coordinated and integrated State planning process and has placed renewed emphasis on urban revitalization goals, the realization of those revitalization goals still presents a critical challenge to the private sector and the myriad of governmental entities whose policies touch urban areas;

c. The rapid pace of technological change with which the late twentieth century is associated, represented by the development and growth of the "information superhighway," and increasing world competition, spurred on by recent and ongoing international free trade agreements, threatens to further marginalize our already distressed and beleaguered urban centers;

d. Environmentally compromised sites present a particular challenge to the State's urban centers, particularly those with major associated cleanup liability and, notwithstanding the impressive strides taken by this Legislature to address remediation issues, further remedies are necessary in order to imbue those sites with renewed economic potential;

e. Given the number of years over which these problems have developed and in light of the enormity of the challenges which lay ahead, it is incumbent upon this Legislature to designate an entity that has as its primary focus the State's urban centers, and to provide that entity with resources to effectuate renewal in these urban areas;

f. At present, a vast and complex network of State agencies and policies which should cooperate in the identification and resolution of urban problems too often work at cross-purposes and so it is vital that this new entity bring together those agencies whose policies are most strongly felt in urban areas in order to promote their economic and social viability in a coordinated fashion;

g. There is a need for a redevelopment agency whose focus is developing and implementing strategic revitalization plans and neighborhood empowerment plans for urban neighborhoods to serve as the State's primary community development agency with particular focus on technical assistance, grants, low and no interest loans, loan guarantees, and capacity building for community development organizations; and

h. This legislative initiative is intended to implement the urban redevelopment initiative concept and philosophy articulated by the sponsor which calls for the establishment of an independent entity which will allow for a coordinated approach to urban revitalization and succeed in achieving its goals where previous urban efforts have failed.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016